Everyone wants to be somebody in life. They want to be successful, they want to change peoples lives. Some do it the right way, some do it the wrong way. They choose their paths, mold their lives in any way they see fit. Inspired. Dangerous. They can alter their own destiny, bend the rules and break the expectations. They can be anything, or anyone…
Times have changed. Nobody is safe anymore and the Earth is rapidly changing. However, in the darkness, away from sight; two teams are forming. One is Destroying, the other Protecting. Two separate groups; Redemption and Retribution.

This is an AU Wrestling Roleplay in which your favourite wrestlers can become Superheroes or Supervillains.
Do you want to be part of something completely different? Have you always wanted your favourite Superstars and Divas to have a secret live, a different identity? This is your chance. Join now!
We’re a friendly RP group and we would love to have YOU become a part of WWE Superheroes.

Rules | The Heroes | The Villains | Join Us | Admin Page
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